Success Techniques

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Basics of Manifestation

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By the time you reach the end of this article, you would have some idea as to how can you manifest anything quickly. To sum it up briefly (and then we will expand on it) – if you can master your thoughts and lead your life in a certain way, you will be able to manifest all riches imaginable (and unimaginable). Nearly a century ago, philosophers and thought leaders such as Socrates, James Allen, Thomas Troward etc were able to master their thoughts. And they shared their information with the masses. And fast forward today – we have many courses and programs around the subject of law of attraction / subconscious mind / brain retraining / lucid dreaming – all targeting the same subject: manifestation.
One particular technique that stands out is the concept of destiny tuning, which some claim to be the secret behind ‘The Secret’, and that’s very well covered here – This website offers the “Manifestation Breakthrough Kit”. Don’t forget to grab that and implement its contents at the earliest. It has fulfilled the dreams of several people by teaching them nuances of manifestation process.

We will briefly try to cover the techniques of instant manifestation:

#1 – Set Goals & Create a Roadmap

Nothing happens automatically. A roadmap needs to be in place. Create short-term goals, to begin with – goals that you can achieve within a fortnight. Write everything on a piece of paper and/or a white board. A small tip here is that – if you include things that are emotional to you then you will develop a greater hunger for its completion given that you will encounter obstacles that will put you down (while taking action).


#2 – Meditate

Set 30min everyday to meditate upon your goals. Imagine as if you are already in possession of whatever it is that you have set out for. Here, you might face a potential threat of your inner voice going against your positive thoughts. This might act as a deterrent to your ultimately objective. For this, you need to be in control of your mind so that you don’t end up meditating on such thoughts.

#3 – Evaluate the Risks

The unknown is not in our hands and cannot be catered for. But it is in our benefit to take into account the potential ‘known’ hazards so that we can create a ‘Plan B’ as well. All successful people prepare alternative routes to reach their destinations (goals) well in advance.

#4 – Execute the Tasks

Manifestation ultimately depends on taking action on the tasks that you have scheduled for yourself. Nearly all successful people don’t become successful overnight. It takes them years (and in some cases, decades) to be where they are. This is because they are passionate towards their work and them working for long hours.
While encountering roadblocks during executing the tasks, we must not get impatient and must not lose sight of our dreams that we are so emotional about. Rather, we should be grateful for the temporary failures and the teachings that we get during such trials.